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Book Reviews - What are you reading?


We want to know all about what sorts of books you like (and don't like!).

Tell us a bit about what you're reading and what you think of it...

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I like books that are funny. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my favourite book. I like the part where the boy gets swallowed up in the tank.

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I like horror and YouTube books, books about YouTubers. I have two favourite books - Haunted Liverpool and Girl Online. Haunted Liverpool is about a man who tells stories about what's happened and stuff. There's one about his mum and she sees shadows wherever she goes in the house.

I like romantic books. My favourite book is Girl Online, and my favourite bit is when Penny and Noah kiss.

I really like to read. My favourite books are the Divergent Trilogy series. I like it because it's exciting and it tells the future.

I read scary books, and I like ones that are just adventurous. I like the Dr. Who books because sometime they have scary aliens.

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I like to read fiction and adventure books. My favourite book is Ruby Redfort. It's about a teenage spy who used to be a code cracker, but then went on a mission when she wasn't supposed to.  

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I like the Beast by Ann Evans. It's a beast when they go camping in a forest. I like scary books, because the make you turn around.

I like books that are sometimes true. I like The Fault in Our Starts because it tells you what life is like if you were to have cancer, so it explains different things. I like the Divergent Series, too because you're stuck like because you're different and you're getting skitted for who you are so you try to stand out from who you are.

I like Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series. It's funny and it's not too long.  Greg Heffney is really fun.

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I like Harry Potter because they are loads of characters and there are mythical creatures in there that you wouldn't expect.

I like the Maze Runner Series and the Hunger Games series. I like this book [The Scorch Trials] because it's gory, and I like the Hunger Games because it's full of adventure.  I don't like easy, boring books.

I read a lot. I like books that are diaries, except for the Dork Diaries because it repeats itself a lot each different series it has. I like Tom Gates beacuse it's really funny and it teaches you how an actual person's life is, like a normal person's life.

I love reading. I do it like every time I have a minute to read at home. Well, not every minute, but every time I have spare time to do it.  I like classical books, like Shakespeare, poetry, and I also like life stories, like the Jacqueline Wilson series.  I like the Hunger Games as well, because it's predicting what the future would be. It's sad but it's also like edge of your seat a well.

I like James and the Giant Peach because it's interesting and it's long.

My favourite book is The Neverending Story because I like the film, but the book's got more information. There's like a big dragon thing and it talks and it helps the boy save the Everything.

I like Queenie by Jacqueline Wilson. It's good at the start, all happy and that, but at the end it's dead sad.

I like Harry Potter and Sherlock. My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I like the way they're trying to break out a prisoner and you don't know what's going to happen.

I like football magazines like FourFourTwo and that.  I like to know transfers and how clubs are getting on well.

I like Minecraft books, because if you're like stuck on a game, you can just get the book and know what to do after.