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Kaleidoscope in the Classroom


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Broadcast Your Students

Here at Kaleidoscope we want to showcase the amazing creative work going on in schools around Merseyside. We film and photograph Visual Art and Literacy Departments to broadcast the fabulous pieces of artwork and writing led by the most inspiring teachers.


Creative Writing Workshops

We also offer our own creative writing workshops to cast away the constraints of exam targets and harness the storyteller hidden in each child. Award winning Merseyside author Frank Cottrell Boyce has give Kaleidoscope an exclusive short story that he'd like local children to finish for him. Read it here. We also conduct audio recordings for young storytellers.

Why Kaleidoscope?


- Our interest is Community Arts, not commercial gain. Unlike other regional and national children's publications, we are a non-profit publication governed by a Community Interest Company (CIC) structure. Our social mission is to promote visual arts, literacy and creative thinking in Merseyside children.  


- We help you publicise your school. Using our own multmedia equipment and editing packages, we will give you films and photos which can be used for your website and for your school's marketing materials.  We also publish the visit on our magazine's website and some visits will even make it into our print publication, distributed around museums, libraries and schools in Merseyside.


- We publish all levels of achievement. We believe kids need a place to write freely, without concerning themselves with assessment from others. We believe they will have a much easier time learning how to write if they first figure out why to write - for pleasure, for expression!


- Our focus is on fun. Our workshops use silliness and the unexpected to inspire even the most reluctant writer to put pen to paper.  We only want to publish the creations that make them happy.


- We listen. Kids are our magazine's writers, artists and readers. We want to know what amuses them, what gets them energised.  We interview children about their creative work and their reading habits not only to celebrate their achievements, but also to understand and validate their choices. Ownership of literacy fuels the desire for competency and sows the seeds for a lifetime of reading for pleasure.


- We are experienced. Our team has led creative writing workshops in numerous playschemes and schools in the North West. We have also partnered with and have been trained by the Windows Project, who have been running writing workshops in Merseyside communities for over forty years! You can find out more about Windows here. 


- We are responsible.  Our Boards members have completed safeguarding training by Wirral Council Safeguarding Authority and are of course DBS checked with all appropriate documentation on hand. Our safeguarding policies, including our photography protocol, can be found here.


Get in touch to find out how we can design a package to meet the needs of your school. Email or ring 07795431000.

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